St. Georg Hospital, Leipzig, Germany

New O.R. block with six multidisciplinary procedure O.R.'s going live in April 2015

All six O.R.'s equipped with caresyntax® digital integration solutions

Salle d'opération d' hôpital équipé avec une solution d'intégration numérique caresyntax® et S·CAPE multiconsole

The St. Georg Hospital is a regional centre for specialist care and has 1.030 beds and is also the academic educational hospital for the University of Leipzig.

All the new O.R.'s have been equipped with caresyntax® video routing in the O.R. and video & audio streaming to the auditorium over IP. The integration solution is realized by employing an external rack solution located in an adjacent server room. Thereby there is no pendant shelf space or O.R. floor space required - a true "zero-foot-print" solution also providing easy access for service and upgrades.

We want to thank the St. Georg hospital for allowing us to post this information and would also like to wish the surgical staff success in their new working environment.

St. Georg Hospital in Leipzig, Germany
Le Klinikum St. Georg à Leipzig, Allemagne

S·CAPE® Case Study – Klinikum St. Georg, Leipzig, Germany

CX·HUB with 24" touch display
CX · HUB écran tactile 24 " et l'intégration numérique solution caresyntax®
CX·multi terminal panel for several signal types
Panneaux de connecteurs multiples à différents types de signaux
CX·ED 32” HD viewing monitor
CX · ED 32 " écrans HD ( des écrans externes )
CX·Teleport mobile streaming cart
CX·Teleport mobiles en streaming panier
CX·HUB 42HE external rack
CX·HUB 42HE de rack externe