Bruderwald Medical Center, Bamberg

Complex project implemented: Ten ORs in the Bamberg Medical Center

The Bamberg Social Foundation's "Bruderwald Medical Center" is an ultramodern medical center, which treats more than 43,000  in-patients and over 120,000  out-patients each year. It also operates as an academic teaching hospital of the Friedrich Alexander University of Erlangen-Nuremberg.

The new OR center with ten operating rooms, including one hybrid OR, was inaugurated in March  2015. The first operations are scheduled to take place in June. All ten ORs are designed for interdisciplinary use, and innovation solutions with state-of-the-art technologies, such as 4K and 3D are integrated.

"These forward-looking solutions remain viable far beyond the year of installation, and thus they constitute a sustainable investment", explains Björn Lehnhoff, S·CAPE®, sales manager for the D-A-CH region, who is responsible for commercial project planning.

All ten OR rooms have been equipped with the customer-specific consoles installed directly in the wall. The integrated OR system is controlled via a 24"  multi-touch display. A  4K and 3D capable 39"  monitor is available for individual presentation of live images and X-ray images. In the hybrid OR the caresyntax® video management system has been coupled to the Artis Zeego system from Siemens via two independent video lines.

As part of the first training courses for the new OR area Professor Dr.  Georg A. Pistorius, medical director of the Bamberg Medical Center, showed extensive interest in the implementation of the planned OR integration: "I  look forward to the commissioning of the new OR rooms in early June and expect optimal support of the workflows in the OR through caresyntax®. During the operation, all information is ergonomically available on monitors – after the operation images and videos of interventions can be documented, evaluated and discussed digitally in the medical center network."

The project in Bamberg particularly shows that efficiency in the OR is becoming ever more important. Now, through use of intelligent IT this efficiency can be optimized. Consequently, there is an urgent necessity to ever more effectively network the medical and administrative functions in the  OR. 

"Networking, manufacturer-neutrality, and openness for future options are topics that move the market because medical centers no longer want to be committed to individual suppliers. With this approach, available resources can be integrated in a cost-efficient manner; all devices do not need to be immediately purchased new. Medical centers want to plan their investments in such a manner that they open up room to move in the future", reasons Björn Lehnhoff.

Klinikum am Bruderwald, Bamberg
Bruderwald Medical Center, Bamberg
hybrid OR with integrated CX HUB
Hybride bloc opératoire avec CX · HUB intégrée
connector panels on CX HUB
Les panneaux de brassage dans le CX · HUB Console
large screen capable with 3D and 4K
grand écran capable avec 3D et 4K
CX Studio during the briefing
CX studio pendant le briefing
Prof. Pistorius and Johannes Schmidt during the briefing
Directeur médical Prof. Dr. med . Pistorius et conseiller des ventes Johannes Schmidt lors du briefing