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Björn von Siemens, Managing Director of S·CAPE GmbH

Digital integration for hospitals - Interview with Björn von Siemens

There is hardly another place where efficiency is as vital as in the operating theater of a hospital. Since its foundation in 1991, Berlin-based S·CAPE® GmbH has focused on making operating rooms and other acute care areas more efficient through IT and has become the forerunner in its field, solving the digital integration needs of the world’s most reputable hospitals. Today S·CAPE® unifies powerful yet divergent hospital systems and devices to ensure the seamless and on-demand flow of key patient data into and from the operating theater and the procedure room.

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GE Health Cloud

caresyntax® cooporates with GE in supporting the GE Health Cloud

“caresyntax® digital integration solutions from S·CAPE GmbH, addresses productivity and safety in operating rooms and other acute areas through IT, video and IoT technologies. By moving to the GE Health Cloud, S·CAPE aims to facilitate improved education and knowledge management for clinicians, while minimizing IT infrastructure and support requirements and upfront IT investments for participating hospitals.”

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S·CAPE Medtronic Sevilla O.R.


The President of the Andalusia region, Susana Diaz, inaugurated on November 3rd the new operating rooms (O.R.) for general and digestive surgery at the University Hospital Virgen del Rocío in Seville, Spain. Established in 1955, the University Hospital Virgen del Rocío is one of the most important hospital of the South of Spain.

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Bilkent City Hospital Ankara, Turkey

S·CAPE Continues Steady Growth in the Eastern Hemisphere

S·CAPE continues steady growth in the eastern hemisphere with the securing of large projects in both India and Turkey, asserted by the opening of a new office in Singapore… 

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Latency Test: Video-over-IP vs. Cable Connection

S·CAPE Impresses with Pioneering Video-over-IP Technology at Trade Fair

S·CAPE brought a stately presence to this year’s conHIT, appearing in full colours to demonstrate their new technologies personally to exhibition attendees…

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Recreation Room on the 6th Floor

New Recreation Area

Even on the office front, S·CAPE has been busy expanding into new territory. At the beginning of the summer, S·CAPE ‘topped out’ its existing office with the acquisition of the 6th floor rooftop space directly above.

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