Focus on Boosting Operating Room Efficiency

Your operating theatres and procedure rooms are key assets in restoring health to your patients. Their maximum efficiency is an important determinant of the long-term success of your hospital. 

We know that achieving efficiency inside the operating theatre and the procedure room is a matter of unifying powerful, yet divergent, hospital systems and devices to ensure seamless and on-demand flow of key patient data into and from the operating theatre and the procedure room.

We focus on seamless interfacing of only those relevant systems and devices that reduce idle time and increase patient focus. We avoid costly and unnecessary functions that do not enable more efficient transfer and usage of clinical and process data.

A unique track record of solving integration needs

Founded in 1991 in Germany, S·CAPE® GmbH has a unique track record of solving digital integration needs of the world’s most reputable hospitals. Exclusive focus on making operating theatres and other acute care areas more efficient through information technology enabled us to become the frontrunner with technological know-how to yield bigger benefits, and the reliable partner of choice for almost 1,000 hospitals around the world.

S·CAPE® GmbH invented and brought the first self-contained "in-wall" medical MULTICONSOLE to the global market in 2003 It is a unique concept in which all the electronics and computer power required for interfacing medical devices and IT-systems are housed in one console together with the display solution of your choice. From here the information from the medical devices and HIS/PACS systems can be monitored and distributed throughout the operating theatre.

The MULTICONSOLE product line together with the mobile TELEPORT cart and the DOCUPOINT access point are marketed under the well-reputed classic S·CAPE® brand.

Realizing that integration is more than a sum of individual connections

Having created digital integration solutions for almost 5,000 operating theatres and procedure rooms around the world, we have realized that integration is more than a sum of individual connections and interfaces. We have learnt how to assess key areas to improve efficiency. We are able to design the optimal deployment scenario for every situation and create a highly modular software and hardware solution, tailoring functionality to fit the individual needs.

From design to implementation, we deploy teams that include experts in workflow, healthcare IT, multimedia, and electronic medical devices. They understand the needs of all key stakeholders including IT/biomedical departments, clinicians, and managers to ensure that each new integrated O.R. is a long-term success.

Our commitment to this holistic integration philosophy is so strong that we decided to focus all our established strengths in digital integration together in a new workflow solutions division - caresyntax®.

The caresyntax® brand is the pinnacle of S·CAPE® GmbH´s technology, knowledge and experience and consequently puts forth a new, self-confident claim: caresyntax® stands for the technologies that define more in digital integration and communication.

Medically Savvy but Vendor Neutral

We are open to interfacing with any information system or medical device in the O.R. or procedure room. We do not manufacture own medical devices and have therefore no preference for any specific device vendor. Having a vendor-neutral digital integration platform is a future-proof investment that will reduce expenditures if you decide to change existing vendors.

We work closely with various partners in the medical device and healthcare IT fields. Through this experience we have acquired excellent understanding of various surgical specialties and have successfully integrated image or video-guided equipment, as well as patient record and image archiving databases, of a multitude of vendors.

Our solutions are designed with surgical environment in mind, undergoing strict quality controls to uphold patient safety. We rigorously ensure to maintain compliance with all necessary regulatory requirements in various markets around the world.

World map with marked locations where S·CAPE® products are already installed – 5.000 operating rooms in more than 50 countries.
Karlsburg Hospital, Germany
Image of an operating room in the hospital of Karlsburg. The digital integration solution caresyntax® was installed in all ten operating rooms.