First Half of 2016: +74% Revenue and +185% Order Intake Growth Compared to First Half of 2015

Björn von Siemens and Dennis Kogan, Managing Directors of S·CAPE GmbH reflect on the first six months of 2016:

2016 is an exciting year for us. We celebrate our 25th anniversary as a firm, and are proud to have grown from a university spin-off to a global leader in medical device integration and digital O.R. workflow solutions. The first six months have been successful: +74% Revenue and +185% order intake growth compared to first half of 2015. S·CAPE has received orders to equip over 350 operating and procedure rooms around the world, a testament to how our new software and hardware technology is winning ground. This year has also seen sizeable expansion of our global distribution network, which now includes a subsidiary in the United States.

In addition to being a leading domestic player in the thriving German, Austrian and Swiss markets, our footprint has historically extended to most key European Union and Middle Eastern geographies. Over the last few years we have embarked on an ambitious growth path, leading to thousands of installations in some of the most vibrant growth markets around the globe. This momentum is now accelerating, and in 2016 we are able to supply caresyntax® integration solutions to leading hospitals on all five continents of the globe.

Importantly, this year finally marks our entry into the United States, the largest medical device and healthcare IT market in the world. The U.S. is undergoing rapid evolution in healthcare delivery, shifting priorities towards higher operational efficiency of hospitals and value-based reimbursement models. These aim to both reduce costs and continue improving quality of care. Such changes are important tail winds for adoption of the caresyntax® solutions, as well as for growth of broader medical device integration, workflow automation, and telemedicine space.

One of the initiatives that exemplifies our engagement in helping hospitals to reduce costs while driving clinical knowledge sharing is the recently initiated partnership with General Electric. As announced at HIMSS 2016 in Las Vegas, S·CAPE and GE intend to integrate the caresyntax® distributed clinical content management platform CX ECLIPSE with the GE Health Cloud. By moving to the GE Health Cloud, S·CAPE aims to facilitate improved education and knowledge management for clinicians, while minimizing IT infrastructure requirements and upfront IT investments for participating hospital

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