Interfaces with unlimited flexibility

CX·HUB is a flexible hardware interfacing platform that enables rapid and zero-footprint connectivity for CX·PRIME and its software applications.

Planning for digital workflow integration in the O.R. requires careful analysis of existing or planned infrastructure, medical equipment, and clinical processes. These variables define core requirements that a truly agile integration platform should be readily able to meet.

Inside the O.R. – in-/on-wall console

Custom-built in-wall multiconsoles with 115 mm depth can host all necessary IT and video components to integrate any medical device and IT System in O.R. workflows.

Key Benefits:

  • Enhanced zero-footprint O.R. ergonomics
  • Decentralized architecture with no single point of failure in the O.R. block
  • No need for additional technical space outside the O.R.
  • Ultra-rapid installation cycle
  • Lower deployment costs due to limited cabling and labor requirements
  • No signal degradation

While most functions of a modular integration platform can be easily deployed by retrofitting existing infrastructure, turnkey fully integrated O.R. projects often require active dialogue between solution designers and various stakeholders inside the hospital.

Exclusively focused on digital integration in medical settings, caresyntax® anticipates and overcomes these obstacles by focusing on rapid and zero-footprint deployment via its award-winning methodology.

Outside the O.R. – Equipment Rack

Custom-built high-grade equipment rack with flexible transmission configurability, and optimal cooling and airflow design.

Key Benefits:

    • Zero-footprint deployment for high-end specialty configurations in cath labs and hybrid O.R.s
    • Easier service access by technicians
    CX·HUB interfaces with unlimited flexibility.
    Surgery nurse operates interfaces with unlimited flexibility CX·HUB
    All CX·HUB control units can be adapted to client-specific requirements.
    Example of a client-specific configured CX·HUB