PRIME365 is an integrated workflow platform that improves visualization, documentation and communication across the entire diagnostic and perioperative cycle.

The next generation software solution caresyntax® PRIME365, expands the standards of digital O.R. integration.

It connects your operating room to other departments in your entire hospital as well as your medical devices in your operating room. With this function, PRIME365 is more than an operating room integration software, it is a workflow management software for the perioperative cycle and your entire hospital.

The patient data first retrieved in the “Pre-O.R.” section can be transmitted directly into the O.R., saving the valuable time usually spent to enter the patient data again in the operating room. The electronic medical records created during the operation can also be transmitted for documenting and reporting in the post O.R. section, or even streamed live during the operation for educational purposes.

The increased accessibility of PRIME365 makes it “future-proof”. It is accessible just a click away from a wide variety of devices, including PCs, tablets and smart phones as well as our MULTICONSOLES, through web applications or rich-clients.

PRIME365 overcomes the limitation of having a single deployment option and limited upgradability in the future.

It includes unrivaled portability, with the freedom to choose and even keep adjusting deployment options, in order to absorb and adapt to workflow needs and changes.

All eight flexible modules of CX·PRIME365 offer the right solution for every challenge.

On the basis of PRIME365, caresyntax® provides a powerful suite of productivity applications to boost workflow. The 8 flexible modules offer the right solution for every challenge and can be adapted to the hospital infrastructure, existing and new technologies and the individual team’s workflow.


provides an easy-to-use documentation solution for the needs of each physician and surgical staff. Patient information and clinical data can be accessed through a rich client inside the O.R. or a secured web application by any device throughout the entire hospital. Through various deployment options CX·STUDIO can be seamlessly integrated into the existing or desired hospital infrastructure.

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centrally manages the distribution of medical imaging data and information to displays in the O.R. using various technologies, as well as supports the control of various image and video systems. All high-tech video sources, such as endoscopes and microscopes, can be connected to PRIME365 with complete vendor neutrality.

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the telemedicine module, transmits video and audio in real time throughout the hospital or to external locations for real-time consultation, medical training and care coordination purposes.

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enables interfacing with the complete hospital IT infrastructure and ensures a seamless transmission of patient information between departments, O.R.’s and archives.

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integrates 3rd party stand-alone software or web applications to automatically acquire access to relevant patient or procedure context throughout PRIME365.

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offers intelligent analysis of data gathered by PRIME365 throughout the perioperative process to determine variability of workflow in care pathways and effectively assist in optimizing performance.

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constantly monitors the status of integrated medical or health IT systems to avoid malfunction, ensure 100% uptime and optimize capacity utilization.

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Tablet with integration software CX·PRIME365

Access patient information for post documentation easily on mobile devices (like tablets and smartphones) or desktop PCs/Laptops inside the hospital through the secured web based platform CX·STUDIO ECLIPSE.