Overview how to document with caresyntax®

Easy medical documentation to your needs - from simple to advanced solutions with various deployment options.

CX·STUDIO is a smart documentation solution, that enables your hospital crew and O.R. team to fully control the documentation, from creating and managing the patient files in the pre-O.R. section, up to the recording and transmitting of every document in the O.R. and Post-O.R. sections. You can take images during the operation while recording the whole operation by two cameras simultaneously.

The patient files and electronic medical records are compatible with most systems, including HIS and PACS. The recorded data is accessible by other departments from a wide variety of devices, including your personal PC, tablet and smart phone. The data can also be exported in DICOM/Non-DICOM format, and the images/videos can be exported to PACS, local and network directories and portable media.

Worklist shows patient entries and procedure details

patient entries and procedure details:

  • receive from HIS/PACS systems
  • manual creation

Documentation in patient context.

Checklist can be digitally filled out

digitally fill out the checklist:

  • sign-in > before induction of anaesthesia
  • time-out > before incision of the skin
  • sign-out > before patient leaves the O.R.

Increase patient and surgical safety and improve compliance with standards.

Import previously acquired videos/images from local and network directories as well as portable media.


  • import previously acquired videos/images from local and network directories as well as portable media

Enhancement of patient files.

Optimal documentation of procedure with studio


  • single/dual capturing of video sources
  • taking pictures while recording a video source
  • switch the video source by single-click
  • trigger recording from foot switch and camera head buttons

Optimal documentation of procedure.

Store procedure data in hospital system for future access with export.

export through CX·STUDIO ECLIPSE or directly:

  • export of checklists to predefined database (HIS system)
  • export of images/videos to PACS system, local and network directories and portable media
  • export as DICOM/Non-DICOM
  • one-click export to predefined destination
  • done in background avoiding long time-outs in O.R.

Store procedure data in hospital systems for future access.