Full control
at your fingertips

Advantages of CX·DIRECT

Managing visualization of real-time clinical content at the point of care to assist workflow.

CX·DIRECT gives you full control over IT, image, and video systems as well as configuration of information on screens. With a single universal port, you can connect all your devices in the O.R. to the medical console and fully control the visualization on the screen, from regular display to Quadview or PiP mode. With the enhanced control, you get maximum utility and benefit from your medical console.

  • central distribution of images and videos to displays in O.R.
  • using conventional up to high-end video transmission
  • control of devices (like surgical camera, room camera)
  • display of medical imaging data on various display sizes & technologies

Future proof solutions for full integration.
When planning an integrated operating room, networking various devices with one another is important. In most cases, this requires bringing together different signal types and selecting the appropriate transmission medium.

State-of-the-art deployment

Suited for small procedure rooms / clinics.

Overview of different ports and transmission types

New connection technology

Suited for speciality and hybrid operating rooms.*

Overview of different ports and transmission types
*Available as of PRIME365 Release 2.0
Monitor shows CX·DIRECT with its function of distributing image signals from medical devices.
  • live preview of connected sources
  • only active sources are shown
  • future proof solution for full integration
  • cost-effective
  • scalable